Introducing K&R Pure Marine Collagen

Think back to the last time you finished a really tough workout: you ran the longest distance you’ve ever run, benched a heavier weight, or climbed a really difficult course. As you’re basking in your accomplishment, you think, “I’d better take Amino Vital Rapid Recovery because I don’t want to be sore tomorrow.” We feed our muscles after exercise because they play a big role in reaching our fitness goals, but what about our joints and connective tissues? Many of us forget to prioritize joint health even though strong joints are crucial to complete recovery and increased performance to reach new personal records. As a result, we’ve paired with our sister company to add a new product in your arsenal for improved performance.

Introducing from the makers of Amino Vital: K&R Pure Marine Collagen!

amino vital action rapid recovery pure marine collagen

K&R Pure Marine Collagen is sourced from cold-water, wild-caught North Atlantic fish. K&R is focused on producing clean and high-quality marine collagen. Unlike farm-raised fish, wild-caught fish have not been exposed to antibiotics or hormones and have a low environmental impact. K&R Pure Marine Collagen is tasteless and odorless making it easy to incorporate into foods and drinks.

wild caught atlantic cod non-gmo hydrolyzed easy to digest unflavored gluten free all natural no fillers no antibiotics

What is collagen?

Collagen makes up 30% of all the proteins in the body and is key to the health of our connective tissues- joints and bones, tendons and ligaments and skin. Our body produces collagen to support mobility and flexibility of our joints and give elasticity to our skin. However, collagen production decreases significantly as we age – and you see wrinkles and achy joints as a result. Luckily, we can add collagen to our diets to support our bodies. Although collagen is found in the skins and bones of fish, beef, chicken and pork, our foods are often processed and consumed without skins. Therefore, there is little collagen in our protein sources. Collagen supplements make it so simple replenish your body’s collagen supplies.

The benefit of taking marine collagen over mammalian sources is that marine has superior bioavailability due to the smaller molecular weight of the peptides. Bioavailability is an important feature because it greatly determines the ease and digestibility and efficacy of a supplement.

amino vital action rapid recovery pure marine collagen


Exercise puts stress on our joints and long-term, strenuous exercise will wear down our collagen levels. This means painful and inflamed joints and connective tissue.

Additionally, muscle grows faster than ligaments and tendons. So, if the focus is only on muscle growth and our connective tissues are weak, we’ll be susceptible to injury.

Amino Vital Rapid Recovery and Pure Marine Collagen added to your post-workout routine can provide a complete recovery protocol. Collagen will work together with Rapid Recovery for muscle recovery by providing additional amino acids while feeding your bones and tissues. Happy muscles AND joints allow you to continue smashing goals for a long time.

How to use?

Pure Marine Collagen is a powder, making it easy to mix into any drink or food. You can add it to your coffee, post-workout smoothie, yogurt, oatmeal or shake it up with your favorite Amino Vital product. Also, collagen is heat-stable and can be used in baking to give your treats a nutritional boost!

We recommend taking one scoop per day (10g) to begin the investment in your healthier self.

K&R pure marine collagen dietary supplement

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amino vital action rapid recovery K&R pure marine collagen


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