DIY Valentine’s Day Decoration

DIY Valentine's Day Decoration (1).JPG

You will LOVE this simple Valentine’s DIY! ❤

Materials needed:

  • Amino VITAL Canister
  • White Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Large Paintbrush
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Peel & Stick Foam OR Heart Shaped Stickers
  • Real or Fake Flowers

Step 1: Peel the label off of the canister.

Step 1 (1)

Step 2: Paint either a section or the entire canister with white paint.

Step 2.JPG

Step 3: Cut a heart shape out of the peel & stick foam. Or, use heart shaped stickers.

Step 3a.JPG
Step 3b.JPG

Step 4: Stick the heart shape on the canister.

Step 4a.JPG
Step 4b

Step 5: Paint the entire canister with red paint.

Step 5.JPG

Step 6: Once dry, peel the heart sticker off of the canister.

Step 6.JPG

Step 7: Touch up any edges with white paint.

Step 7

Step 8: Add real or fake flowers.

Step 8.JPGStep 8b

You’re done!

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