ENDURANCE GIVEAWAY—Share your stories!

Endurance lovers, we have a treat for you! We recently released our new single-serve packet, available NOW on our website for purchase!  Packets come in three delicious flavors—lemon, mandarin orange and fruit punch. To help kick-off our new convenient packaging, we want to give away some delicious samples!

20140127_111854Our power-packed single-serving packets feature 2,400mg of our proprietary amino acid blend—including glutamine, arginine and 3 BCAAs—plus electrolytes and only 150 calories per packet. This quick-absorbing formula is sure to deliver both in-workout fuel to help you train harder and in-workout recovery to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue.

Share in the comments why you love Endurance and how it has helped you! We’ll select our favorite entries and hook up our fans with some tasty new samples.  A lucky few will score some major Amino Vital swag, so don’t skimp on your feedback! Comments must be left by midnight today (1/27/2014). Good luck!


  1. What’s awesome about endurance is how effective it is. I’ve never had a bad work out when using it, especially on days I may not be “feeling” it. I also use it for my distance runs, sometimes half marathons around my neighborhood. I recommend it to anyone that is trying to take it to the next level because it’ll help take you there!

  2. What I like? I can take it on the go and it’s there when I need it. On days that I don’t I can just stick with my water. Also, not as sugary or too sweet and thus I don’t need to water it down. Highly recommended.. Also, the Amino Towels look awesome hanging off my sticks at the course..

  3. I have used Amino Vital Edurance for over 5 years now & will always use it for many more years. I love the great taste of it (especially the fruit punch). Amino Vital has helped me win 10ks, 5ks, age groups in 5ks & 10ks, and has helped me complete a marathon. Amino Vital has helped me recover through my training for this Sunday’s marathon. I owe the world to Amino Vital!

  4. Great stuff take it daily has help me stay healthy despite all the flu etc going around and allowing me to continue to push my cycling limits!

  5. I’ve never tried Endurance because it wasn’t available in single serving size. I’d love to try it to use during a workout, run, or spin. The carbs and calories will be a big help compared to using Focus Zone.

  6. I’m new to the Amino Vital world. I definately would like to try the products. I feel they would especially help me while trying to keep up with the tour players and carrying my photography equipment during rounds.

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