2013 Players Championship Flag Giveaway – Share how Amino Vital has helped your golf game!

Do we have a very special treat for you guys!  All throughout August we’ve been focused on our golf game around Amino Vital, sharing tips and tricks on how to improve your game.  After all that hard work, we figured it’s time for another giveaway, and how appropriate, we have an exclusive 2013 Players Championship Flag! Coach Noss shared this awesome souvenir with us as a giveaway to our loyal fans! The flag even features signatures from PGA Champion Jason Dufner, Webb Simpson, D.A. Points, Brandt Snedeker, Billy Horschel and more! Plus, we’re tossing in some Amino Vital swag!

Our giveaway: A 2013 Players Championship Flag, Amino Vital gym bag, Amino Vital polo shirt and samples of Focus Zone.


How amino-acid based nutrition helps your golf game

In this Q&A, PGA strength and conditioning coach, Chris Noss, discusses why he believes amino acid-based nutrition is important for golfers. In addition, he discusses how his clients use Amino Vital while on the course.

Win our giveaway!

Now that you’ve seen why Coach relies on Amino Vital, share your feedback! Leave a comment to this blog post. Let us know how Amino Vital has helped your golf game and/or why you would recommend it to other golfers. Comments must be left by midnight today! (8/21/2013) We’ll pick one lucky random winner for the big prize… but you never know, we might feel generous and start digging around in our goodie closet for some other cool swag for other posters.  Good luck!


  1. I find that Amino-Vital helps to provide me with the energy and focus to play my best day in and day out. It is much better than other sports drinks that just load you up with sugar which eventually leads to a crash. I know that I can be my best with Amino-Vital as the 15th club in my bag.

  2. Top 3 benefits of Amino Products are:Recovery, Recovery, Recovery. Much needed following a full or even a partial training regimine of Coach Noss!

  3. Ever since I started taking Amino Vital a few months ago it’s brought life to my golf game. I used to rely on Gatorade and found that I lost my energy at the end of my round. Because of all of the sugar that resulted in a crash. I also use it during my workouts in the afternoons and it keeps me focused and energized throughout the workout!

  4. I tend to find that during a long day of playing golf takes a lot out of you and you have to be on your game at all times by keeping your body replenished with amino acids your body needs and that’s where Amino-Vital comes into play. It’s like the coach stated in the video you have to keep your amino acids replenished to help your body recover and get those muscles regenerating. I sometimes use a focus zone just before starting and then the endurance after awhile because down here in Florida with the heat and humidity you tend to sweat a lot and you need to keep your body balanced and keep yourself in good form to finish your day. Amino-Vital keeps me on the green playing the game I love. I would recommend other golfers give it a try if you haven’t, I believe you are going to see a difference. It can only make you better.

  5. Amino is a sun up to sun down part of my golf game. Starts early after my morning run, before I head to the course, and it ends after my work out at night. I recommend amino for 2 reasons. One I live in fl, it’s hot. It helps replenish the nutrients I’m losing during my round. Second, when were playing in tournaments with everything going on its easy to forget to eat. Amino helps out with nutrients I wouldn’t get otherwise, and my playing partners always ask about it when Im pouring it in my water bottle, so the quick delivery is a huge selling factor.

  6. I used to rely on sports drinks when I played. But, after trying the Amino products I soon realized I was much more focused I was when I played and was still full of energy even at the end of my round. The products also taste great, so you get hydrated and your body replenished all while enjoying a great tasting drink.

  7. It has given me the confidence that I won’t be tired when I get to the last hole, I am now able to play freely without having to worry about my durability.

  8. Amino Vital helps with energy and mental focus on the course. In the gym you get a greater recovery after workouts. The amino acids supply your body with enough energy to last 36 holes or 2 hour long gym sessions. Plus the Amino vital towel is great to wipe the hard work of your face and clubs after a round of golf. Amino Vital gives me an edge of competitors that drink other sports drinks (gatorade or beer) on the golf course.

  9. Drink ahead of thirst. An essential part of fitness and athletic performance. Not drinking, on the other hand, can hinder your performance. Drinking Amino-Vital can only increase your effectiveness in performance situations, whether at work, in the gym, or late in a round of golf.

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