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Focus Zone lovers, we have a treat for you! We’re working as quickly as possible to get Focus Zone back in stock. In the meantime, we have PLENTY of samples to give away.

Our power-packed supplement features 2,400mg of our proprietary amino acid blend — including glutamine, arginine and 3 BCAAs — plus electrolytes and only 25 calories per serving. Focus Zone delivers muscular energy, mental focus, and sets the stage for recovery.

Share in the comments why you love Focus Zone and how it has helped you! First 10 fans to comment get an Amino Vital swag package with TONS of samples. Hurry before it’s too late!


  1. Focus zone works best for me when I’m in golf tournaments. It gives me the right amount
    of energy, and it’s easy to deliver quick in the body!

  2. i love focus zone because on the golf course it keeps me going and i dont have to over do it on the sugary energy drinks

  3. I love Focus Zone because it allows me to perform at the top playing golf and during all of my workouts and runs.

  4. Amino Vital Focus Zone keeps me strong on the golf course, both mentally and physically during the brutal summers here in California desert.

  5. Focus Zone has allowed me to perform a lot better in my golf tournament. Allowing me to focus under the pressure situations and perform when needed most. It also helps to have Energy at the end of my round. Thanks Amino Vital!

  6. It is the perfect boost to get me through the back 9 of heated matches at Farmington Woods in the hot, hazy and humid Connecticut summers!!!

  7. Focus zone has allowed me to focus down the stretch in my tournaments as well as give me energy at the end of a round which is always needed. Thanks Amino Vital!

  8. I love the focus zone product!! I have been using it for over 2 years and held a 5-6 hcp on the course… I have not used it this season due to it being out of stock Hcp is at 9 currently… I really rely on the product to keep my body and mind in the game all 18… Hope I can get a sample pack!!

  9. I use Focus Zone when running Tough Mudders and Spartan races.. It has been so helpful and gives me that edge I need..

  10. Great both on and off the course. Not as sugary as other sports drinks and less filling. Easy to transport and gives me a an edge or at least I think it does, which is half the battle anyway…

  11. Great product used it for years, difference between playing 18 in 90 degree weather and going to bed at 6 with focus zone like I never played golf.

  12. I used it training for olyimpic and 2 Ironman 70.3 triathlons and when i suffered an illness that almost took my life I used it to help me stay hydrated and help me stay mentally focused and sharp.

  13. I miss my Focus Zone….always have one when I am making the turn. Otherwise, legs are gone on the back nine. Come back soon!

  14. Discovered it through friends whom are former professional hockey players. Use it while cycling and swimming. I absolutely feel like I’ve been hydrated intravenously after use. So happy to hear the product will be back in stock!!

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