2013 Master’s Flag Giveaway – share how Amino Vital has helped your golf game!

Are you running behind on finding a Father’s Day gift for your favorite golf fan? We have the PERFECT gift for you — a 2013 Masters Flag! Coach Noss shared this one of a kind souvenir with us as a giveaway to our loyal fans! We’re even throwing in some Amino Vital swag! The flag features signatures from DA Points, Ye Yang, Stewart Cink, Dustin Johnson, Bo Van Pelt, Zach Johnson, Brian Gay, Ricky Fowler and more!

Our giveaway: A 2013 Master’s flag, Amino Vital gym bags, hat and samples of Focus Zone.


Why amino-acid based nutrition works for golf

In this Q&A, PGA strength and conditioning coach, Chris Noss, discusses his view on the importance of amino acid-based nutrition for golfers. In addition, he discusses how his clients use Amino Vital while on the course. Learn how Stewart Cink, Zach Johnson, Brian Gay, Bryce Molder, Camilo Villegas, Rickie Fowler, Steve Stricker and David Duval use Amino Vital throughout their workouts and on the course.

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Now that you’ve seen why Coach relies on Amino Vital, share your feedback! Leave a comment on this blog post. Let us know how Amino Vital has helped your golf game and/or why you would recommend it to other golfers. Comments must be left by midnight today! (6/12/2013) Good luck!


  1. Focus Zone has helped me on those days when it’s 90+* outside and I’m walking the course. Shortly after the turn, I take some to help me keep my focus and energy up for the back nine. In golf, it’s essential to stay focused all 18 holes and this has helped me do that.


  2. I have played in local and regional amateur golf tournaments for a number of years all while living with diabetes. Finding the right sports drink on the course for me had been a challenge so that my blood sugar doesn’t go too high with all the sugar and carbohydrates in most products. Even the “reduced sugar” products of a major sports drink company still caused me to drink a lot of the product on the course to “replenish” my body. I felt bloated by drinking so much cause I was thirsty and still wearing down my energy late in the rounds.

    But with Focus Zone, I found that it is great tasting and I can usually just sip a bit throughout my round. One mix on my front 9 and one on my back 9 and I am set throughout my round. Focus Zone is great for me being diabetic, because it is low sugar (almost 0!) and low carbs so it wont really shoot my blood sugar up causing me to get unfocused or jittery. I don’t have much of an issue with energy late in the round any more from tire and exerting too much energy pre and during the round. Focus Zone has been exactly what I have been looking for in a drink on the course and I am glad that I found it.

    I would definitely recommend this product for anyone to replace their choice in sports drink on the course and especially for my golfing friends who are diabetic and feel like they have a sugar imbalance on the course due to it. There are always foods that can keep your sugar normal on the course… but it doesn’t have to include your sports drink to spike you up or keep you maintained at a normal level.

  3. I work a lot of PGA Tour events and over the years, i started to notice the players with all the Amino Vital towels on their bags and got curious what AV was. 2 years ago, i was working the Shriner s PGA Tour Tournament in Las Vegas and the weather got really hot. As a result, they ran out of a certain popular bottled sports drinks for the players and staff to replace the electrolytes and energy. I drank countless bottles of water and still didn’t have the energy. After the pro-am, i was sore and had no energy. So Thursday-Sunday, i was luckily able to obtain Amino Vital from the locker room and used it during the week. I talked to one of the Tour Players who told me how he uses it. He said to use Endurance for the range and pre-round and Focus Zone in between. At the turn, he uses Endurance again and after the round. I did what he told me to do and WOW, what a difference. I was able maintain my energy during the tournament.

    Since then, I have used AV religiously. 3 weeks ago, I played golf in a tournament in Palm Springs. It was in the low 100s and did my AV routine. During the Tournament, I noticed all the players drinking plain water or a sports drink. I started to see them not focused and making mistakes. Luckily for me, I kept hydrated, kept my focus and eventually, scored my best round ever. I came in 2nd place out of 11 in my handicap flight and was very happy.
    Outside of golf, I use AV when I work out. I use Endurance an hour before and after. I have noticed my performance in the gym has improved greatly.

    I would like to thank AV for changing my life and look forward to using it for life.


  4. I use Focus Zone during my round to stay hydrated and maintain my energy and sharpness, which is especially needed at the end of a long, hot round of golf. You don’t want to let a good round slip away on the last few hole because of fatigue or lack of concentration, and I feel that AV provides that boost I need. Another great bonus is this stuff tastes awesome!!!

  5. I have been an avid golfer for about 12 years now. I’ve been working out at a gym for almost 20 years. I remember 10 years ago I was at the gym and I felt really tired after a workout. I approached the front person in the counter and ask if maybe he knew of a product that could help me with that as I didn’t wanted to take a sports drink, at the time he advised me of the amino flavored water. Tried the next day and I felt so good during and after my workout. Went out to the store and couldn’t find it. Searched on the internet and I was able to buy two 24 pks and haven’t look back since. A few years ago the water bottles were discontinued and Focus Zone was created. What such great product, so easy to mix and how well it boosts your body. I’m a believer of great things happen for a reason and focus zone has provided that for me over the years. I now take it before my workouts and when I play golf take one pack before my first nine holes and another one at the turn; it helps me keep the focus and concentration when I need it most. I recommend this product to friends and family all the time. I tell them instead of the sugary drink, drink AV and you will feel the difference. Thanks so much AV for such great products.

  6. As I used to be a professional golfer on the European ladies tour, I can whole hearty recommend amino to all golfers of any level.
    Golf is 90 percent mental, when your mentally tried you make mistakes, I found amino helped me stay focused all through the round. Every golfer should try amino, they will be surprised with just how much of a difference it will make to their game.

  7. For me the importance of Amino Vital doesn’t come from the things that I notice, it comes from the things that I don’t notice. When I’m at the gym I don’t feel tired or like I need to cut my workout short, and the next day I don’t feel as sore and bogged down as I used to. When I’m on the range I don’t have to think about how long I’ve been there or how many balls I have hit, I just hit and hit and hit until I’m satisfied. Finally, when I’m actually on the course I don’t think about how far I’ve walked, I don’t think about how hot it might be, and I don’t generally see as many bad shots. I think the biggest difference that Amino Vital makes for me is that I don’t get caught up in thinking about anything other than what I need to be focused on to improve and without all the clutter it seems a bit easier to accomplish.

  8. Amino Vital focus allows me to remain mentally sharp and well hydrated no matter how challenging the elements may be. It also helps keep energy levels high from start to finish.

  9. My weekly golf group always walks the golf course and we always play some form of competitive game. In Texas, it’s tough to walk the golf course in the heat. As someone who does cross training exercises 3 Or 4 times a week, I assumed walking a golf course wouldn’t be an issue for me. Over time I noticed that I was consistently losing our match on the last five holes. Since i take it for my workouts, I decided to add Focus Zone to my water during the rounds As well . I quickly noticed that my energy levels at the end of the round were completely different. That extra energy and focus helped my muscles and endurance for the long rounds in the heat. Since then I have improved at closing out the matches (and losing less money!). Thanks Amino Vital!

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