Thoracic Mobility Lumbar Stability Series Part 2: Hip Mobility and Activation

Coach is back with part 2 of his series on thoracic mobility lumbar stability! You’ll start with a simple lunging pattern to get your hips moving and gain stability. Get into a side lunge, load your glutes and step into a single leg balance. Next, go into a posterior lunge, bring your leg back up, step back into a side lunge and repeat. This might look a little confusing but we know you’ll get the hang of it!

For the second routine, you’ll need a yellow resistance band. Using the resistance band, move into an overhead hand position, get into a deep squat and bring it back up. You can change the intensity/resistance by moving resistant bands down your arms.

Whoa Coach, those moves were intense! You know what time it is…get moving!

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