Move like a Pro: Pedaling guidelines for becoming a more efficient cyclist

Ara - biking in actionFor the next part of our series on moving like a cyclist, Ara “Fuzz” Movsessian from Backbone Adventure Cycling shared his advice on pedaling. According to Ara, who is in his 10th year of competitive cycling, he is always learning new techniques.

Here are his 3 tips for mastering a proper pedaling technique. These tips may sound elementary, but so many times we overlook them.

  • DO NOT SMASH – Have a nice cadence throughout your pedal stroke so you’re not over-pedaling and not blowing out your knees. You have gears for a reason – so use them, unless you’re a hearty single speeder!
  • Think “perfect circle” – Pedal throughout the whole stroke. Act like you’re scraping gum from underneath your cleats and also on the upturn.
  • Get fitted – Not only is seat height and saddle position important, but knowing where your cleats should be lined up with your pedal is huge. Your bike shoes also make a big difference on your pedaling. I went through 3 pairs before I found the ones that are a perfect ergonomic fit for my arch and foot placement.

Thanks for sharing, Ara. Be sure to come back next week when we review bike grip positions!

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