Thoracic Mobility Lumbar Stability Series Part 1: Thoracic Mobilization

In this video, Coach introduces a crunch sequence and the McGill breathing crunch to address thoracic mobility. You’ll need two tennis balls taped together to act as a lever to push up against the thoracic spine as you push forward. Also, grab a pillow or cushion to put your head on.

Start by putting the ball on the center of the spine, putting your head on the pillow or cushion. Interlace your fingers, push up and bring your hands over your head. Bring it up nice and slow, exhaling as you push your ribcage down. Next, come up into your crunch! Move the ball down for the next position, put your feet up on the wall and repeat the crunch sequence.

The next move is the McGill Crunch. You’ll lay down, bend one leg and put your legs down at your side. Take a deep breath in, fill up your belly and forcefully push your navel to your spine. If you feel any tension on your neck, put your tongue on the back side of your upper cheek. Switch sides and do it again!

Are you ready to give this a try? Get moving and let us know what you think!

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