Glute Complex Activation (part 3)

In part 3 of Coach’s glute complex activation series, get ready to head to the gym and bring your feet into play. Grab an elastic band and start with a side shuffle. Cross your arms and do a set of ten in one direction and then move to another side. Be sure to stay relaxed as you move in motion!

From there, go into what Coach calls the sidewalk. Side step in-and-out using a different plane of motion and move yourself back. If you feel like challenging yourself, bring in your upper body, hips and add weights. The last routine in this series is a transfer. All you have to do is step out and move into a squat. Do one set of ten on each side.

Whoa! Did you get your core moving with this routine. Thanks for sharing, Coach. You know what to do…it’s time to get moving!

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